Music influences mood, mood affects emotions, emotions impacts lives. SkoolVibe powered by Melody Of Life Lessons changes lives, one tune at a time. SkoolVibe is a full-service educational enrichment platform with products and services intentionally designed to impact lives positively in schools and in homes. In partnership with Melody Of Life Lessons (MOLL) we’ve focused on building a robust educational and counseling platform. The platform supports students, parents, educators and the community in bridging the gap by connecting emotions with learning. MOLL promotes positive mental health through meditation music and SkoolVibe encourages academic rigor through trendy tunes with subject related vocabulary.

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Our philosophy is to promote mental and academic well-being in an entertaining and interactive way. These unprecedented times due to COVID and other factors like cyber-bullying, and peer pressure increases cases of trauma, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. SkoolVibe’s aim is to be the vocal part of the solution by letting every child know that today matters, because they matter. BE THE VIBE!!!


SkoolVibe is managed by industry professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the classroom, clinical and mentoring.

Mr. Andrew Nelson

Co-Founder & CEO

Professor Bismark Agbemble

Co-Founder & Board Member

Content Creators

Vibe Squad


“SkoolVibe Rally- Vibe Squad visits schools and community centers for a full scale educational rally infused with music, meditation, and life skill lessons. To book email

“Professional Development- Skills development training module to assist teachers, administrators and educational organizations on SkoolVibe Music and Mind content. This training allows educators to assist students on thriving and not just surviving in the classroom, community and home.”

“Music and Mind Festival- Our annual M&M Festival is the largest in the nation where students, educators, artists and community advocates all gather to be entertained, empowered and educated. This festival is open to the general public and is a family friendly event.”

SkoolVibe Platform

Welcome to the future of education through music. SkoolVibe provides academic lyrics over trendy musical instrumentals and measures what you’ve learned. SkoolVibe allows you to learn specific content over your favorite beats in all core subjects without being bored. Our mission is to support students, parents and educators in making 2023-2025 “The Years of Recovery.” SkoolVibe offers a large music library, quizzes , videos and activities. Enterprise solutions are available.


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