Minding My Business (CTE)

1. What is Bartering?

Correct! Wrong!

a) Its an medium of exchange, that does not require more (pay without money) b) It’s to hear a dog bark c) It’s a financial term being M&A d) Helps it increase wages

2. What is Gross vs. Net?

Correct! Wrong!

a) It’s a geometry term being measure to acute angles together b) Gross is before deductions and Net is after deductions (Before and After taxes) c) Gross and Net are similar as its best to budget off gross earnings d) Gross and Net generates revenue for companies

3. What is the difference between fixed rates and adjustable rates?

Correct! Wrong!

a) Fixed rates constantly changes and adjustable rates are flat and never changes b) Fixed rates and adjustable rates are only used in building a house c) Both rates are always the same number for housing, cars and boats d) Fixed rates stay the same, adjustable subject to change (Fixed rates are constant and Adjustable- goes up and down)

4. What is the Rule of 72?

Correct! Wrong!

a) Simple way to determine how long an investment will take to double given a fixed annual rate of inerest b) It’s a number that must be used to invest in stock markets c) It’s a Federal Deposit Insurance Deposit (FDIC) multiplier for depositors to return on investment. d) The Rule of 72 is a very complex formula that shows investor how to avoid paying taxes.

5. What type of individuals are eligible for 403b and 401k retirement accounts?

Correct! Wrong!

a) These retirement accounts are only reserved for the military b) 403(b) are reserved for non-profits, teachers, and government employees and 401 (k) its preferred by private organizations. Both plans are employer sponsored. c) This both retirement guarantee 15 years of full retirement


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